Sony rolls out PS5 game capture feature on the PlayStation app


The updated PlayStation 5 feature automatically uploads any game captures to your PS App for easy access and sharing.

Sony is rolling out a new feature that would make it easier for PlayStation 5 users to share their best in-game moments. The update is being rolled out via the PS App, starting with America, and will expand to other regions soon.

PS5 capture, be it short video clips or screenshots can now be accessed via the PS App after a small syncing process. The feature was initially only available to Japan and Canada, allowing users to share their captures with much ease.

Previously, users would have to tweet out the captures through the PlayStation UI or use a pen drive to download them. This new feature skips that tiring process entirely and makes the images and videos available on your phone directly.

The PS App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store, after which, you can sign in to your Playstation Network account and link it to a PS5. Then, head over to the games library section, choose ‘Captures’, and hit ‘Enable’.

On your PS5, go to the Settings menu, pick Captures and Broadcasts, and turn on Auto Upload. This would make sure that all captures are directly transferred over and accessible on the phone app, as long as their not in 4K resolution or have a clip runtime longer than 3 minutes.

The files will be accessible for the next 14 days, after which, they get deleted. Users can then download the files and share them with friends through whatever platform they desire.

Earlier this month, Sony had rolled out its second software update for the PlayStation 5, bringing a voice command feature, accessibility settings, and some changes to the user interface. Users who opted for the beta could navigate through the menu, control media playback, and add friends by saying the command – “Hey, PlayStation!”

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