Quantum Dot, NanoCell, and Mini LEDs. A revolutionary combination of technology.


LG QNED Mini LED heralds the dawn of a new era for LCD TVs, combining Mini LEDs with Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies in an innovative, industry-leading display. This fusion of technologies delivers an incredibly high-quality picture with deeper blacks and more vibrant colors. It’s not just the display that’s improved, it’s your viewing experience.

Mini LED

Mini LEDs make a massive difference.

Mini LEDs, an advanced light source technology, are significantly smaller than the backlights found in conventional LCD displays. This allows LG QNED Mini LED to pack more LEDs and more dimming zones into the screen. The result is dramatically higher peak brightness, deeper blacks, and a level of precision and detail that simply cannot be matched by conventional LCD TVs.

The finest view in LG LCD TVs.

LG QNED Mini LED features approximately 30,000 Mini LEDs to produce a bright, high-quality picture, while close to 2,500 unique dimming zones deliver stunning blacks with reduced halo effect even in the darkest scenes. The resulting image looks so good you might just think it’s magic.

A dazzling display of color.

Thanks to LG TVs’ outstanding color reproduction technology, colors achieve full volume on LG QNED Mini LED. Certified via independent third-party testing, the evolved display accurately captures a wider color gamut to deliver rich colors that remain brilliant even at maximum brightness levels. This ensures a vibrant experience and keeps everything you watch looking exactly as intended.
Independently certified by Intertek, 100% Color Volume means that LG QNED Mini LED can express 100% of the DCI-P3 spectrum across a 3D color space that covers the TV’s full luminance range. In simple terms, this means that colors remain vivid and lifelike no matter how bright or dark the display.

Extraordinary color from incredible angles.

Not only do colors remain breathtaking at high brightness on LG QNED Mini LED, they’re also reproduced with high consistency thanks to the TV’s innovative display technology. Color consistency is a representation of display consistency in terms of color and lightness measured to angles of ±30°. With 100% Color Consistency, everything you watch on LG QNED Mini LED TV is shown with rich, original colors even when viewed from wide angles.

A bigger screen for insane immersion.

The full beauty of LG QNED Mini LED’s evolved display is even more spectacular when seen on an Ultra Large Screen. Approximately 30,000 Mini LEDs and LG’s signature color reproduction technology deliver everything you watch in enhanced detail and clarity, even on our biggest 86-inch screen, making it easier than ever to lose yourself in your favorite content.
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